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Staging your home today for profits tomorrow!

What is Staging?


Some people spend more time detailing their car before they trade it in than their own home! Staging is part of my marketing service I offer all my sellers-FREE! Staging is the art of showcasing the home. Paying close attention to detail. Staging is done by using the homeowners current furniture and accessories and placing them in a way that creates immediate buyer attention. Staging depersonalizes the home to get buyers to imagine themselves living there. Model home builders do this to get the buyers to be immediately wowed!

There are 4 parts to Staging:

1.) Cleaning

2.) Packing

3.) Depersonalizing

4.) Decorating and accessorizing.

Staging is done before any pictures go into the internet. Ninety percent of buyers start their search on the internet, the pictures they see are critical. It is important to showcase the best features of the home! You only have 1 chance to make a great 1st impression! With my knowledge of Real Estate, and eye for design you will have an edge over all the competition


*Please note some sales programs may be subject to change.